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Audition Order for March 6, 2013

Here is the audition order. I took it strait from the sign up list. Auditions will start at 3:10 in the Library. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CONTRACT WITH YOU IN ORDER TO AUDITION. You may leave as soon as your audition is over as long as a parent is there for you. You may not go outside to meet your parents. If you go to Falcon’s Nest you may leave after your audition.¬†


  1. Brianna Bolin 
  2. Claire Ganguin 
  3. Nathan Ganguin 
  4. Isabella Marez 
  5. Faith Cuevo 
  6. Kate Winschel 
  7. Caitlin Bury 
  8. Natalie Burnham 
  9. Rory Burke 
  10. Lily Mendez 
  11. Catherine Maldonado 
  12. Audrey Ciampa 
  13. Megan Hanna 
  14. Graciela Galindo 
  15. Madeleine Petersen 
  16. Roan Velasquez 
  17. Isabella Vinci 
  18. Alyssa Bruna 
  19. Maggie Kiechler 
  20. Sasha Torres 
  21. Amanda Kuczma 
  22. Laura Searcy 
  23. Isabella Paine 
  24. Claire Engstrom 
  25. Sophia Dakan 
  26. Alex Tighe 
  27. Grace Tighe 
  28. Camilla Leonard 
  29. India Scofield 
  30. Greta Coontz 
  31. william coontz 
  32. Grace Gustilo 
  33. Grace Kelley 
  34. Heather Palomino 
  35. Melanie Corral 
  36. Adrian Ballard 
  38. Gabriel Ballard 
  39. Emma Weidman 
  40. Sophie Anderson 
  41. Chloe Harris 
  42. Gabriela Gonzalez 
  43. Anais Chavez 
  44. Stuart Serventi 
  45. Diego Conde 
  46. Lainey Morales 
  47. Paulina Alonso 
  48. Emily Alonso 
  49. Edith Sanchez 
  50. John Wells 
  51. Kate Rosenberger 
  52. sophie ANDERSON

The Importance of Being Earnest

The La Salle Play is this Thursday. Please drop your students off at La Salle in the lower parking lot at 3:15. I know Jr. High may be more like 3:25 since they get out later. The show starts at 3:30 and I want to make sure no one arrives late.

I spoke to the director and he believes the performance will be over aroun 6:15. You can pick your children up in the same parking lot.

Don’t forget we do have rehearsals next week and they are mandatory!