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About Ms. Natalie

I was always an avid reader, even if I wasn't the best reader. I would read book after book often returning to well loved favorites to read again. My favorite genres are Science Fiction and Historical Fiction. I find both the past and the possible future very interesting. When I became a librarian I was very excited by the prospect of sharing my love of books. I quickly discovered that teaching library and technology is much more than reading books. It's sharing information, learning about reliable resources, digital citizenship, computer skills. Being a librarian at St. Philip's also means I teach technology, film editing, 3d printing, and much more. When I'm not reading and teaching library and technology skills you can find me running SPAS Drama Club.

Little Women Costume Ideas

It’s costume time! While there are a lot of costumes being provided there are some people that will have to be creative I’ve included my pinterest board which contains more authentic images. Underneath that are characters who need costumes and some ideas for finding them. I used search terms like victorian girl, civil war ball gown, victorian ball gown, etc.

Female Dancers: You need some sort of puffy dress. Try ebay or thrift stores for a floor length ball gown. I searched ebay for 80s prom dresses and found some good options.

  • Such as this:
  • Or this without the apron

Little Girls: Try to find some sort of old fashioned looking dress. If it has a full, bell shaped skirt all the better.

  • Something like this (more expensive)
  • Or this without the bonnet


Shoes should be black.

  • Children wear mary jane type shoes, no heal
  • Women wear character shoes
  • Men wear dress shoes (oxfords and loafers)

Children hair should be ringlets or braids.

Women’s hair should be up. There are examples on the pinterest board. It doesn’t have to be perfect.


Cast List

The cast list will be posted tomorrow in the LC at Jr. High lunch. I will also update this blog post at that time. Thank you for your wonderful auditions. You were all truly great! If you didn’t get what you wanted this time, there is always next time!!!!! Keep trying, keep loving theatre no matter what.

Our first rehearsal is tomorrow. I will update the calendar asap with the rehearsal schedule.

In 1889:

Mrs. Tomlinson – Chloe Gilb

Josephine March – Sophia Dozois

The Years 1863 to 1868

The March Family…

Mr. March – Cordell Johnson

Marmee – Giuliana Casciani

Meg – Sarah McGrory

Jo – Corinne Gray

Beth – Claire Valdez

Amy – Emma Gunn

Hannah – Daniela Salazar

Aunt March – Lindsey Michelena

Next Door…

Mr. Laurence – Lily Frias

Theodore Laurence – Dominic Domenghini

John Brooke – Christopher Tom

Also in Town…

Mrs. Moffett – Shaylin Jani

Clara – Talia Luna

Jenny – Sarah Valenzuela

Mary – Jessie Morales

Sarah – Ella Arroyo

Katy – Alexis Perez

Party Guests: Julian Corral

Astrid Osis

Skylar Medina

Erin Michelena

Brian Tom

Madeline Schneiders

Audrey von Wolffradt

Chloe Gilb

Adam Comi

In New York City…

Mrs. Kirke – Maria Yniguez

Kitty – Ivana Salazar

Minnie – Isabella Conde

Professor Friedrich Bhaer – Matteo Alfonso

Call Backs

Hi Everyone. Great job at auditions today. I know you are all anxious about tomorrow and call backs. I’ve decided to call everyone. After dismissal we will again go down to the LC. I will give you a script and a group. You will have about 20 minutes to work on the scene with your group and then we will perform them for everyone.

See you tomorrow!

Little Women Audition Order

Auditions will start tomorrow right after dismissal. Please do not go down to the LC until dismissal is over. You will audition in the follow order. Come into the room, say your name, any roles you want to be considered for and the monologue you chose. Remember if you are doing the sisters monologue you should read all 4 sisters parts in character. Break a leg!

Dominic Domenghi
Talia Luna
Jessie Morales
Adam Comi
Ella Arroyo
Madeline Schnieders
Bryan Tom
Daniella Salazar
Shaylin Jani
Alexis Perez
Maria Yniguez
Audrey von Wolffradt
Sophia Dozois
Claire Valdez
Lindsey Michelena
Erin Michelena
Skylar Medina
Astrid Osses
Corinne Gray
Sarah McGrory
Giuliana Casciani
Julian Corral
Emma Gunn
Sarah Valenzuela
Chloe Gilb
Isabella Conde
Christopher Tom
Matteo Alfonso
Ivana Salazar

Little Women Auditions

Hi all! Thank you for attending the meeting yesterday. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I realize there were some link issues. They should now be fixed.

Please keep in mind:

  1. Students have until Monday at 5pm to sign up to audition. Anyone not signed by 5pm will not be allowed to audition.
  2. The audition order will be posted on the blog soon after 5pm on Monday.
  3. Auditions are Tuesday. We will start after dismissal. As soon as your audition is done you may go home with a parent or guardian.
  4. If you do not have the contract signed at your audition you will not be considered for a role.
  5. You do not have to memorize your monologues but you may memorize them. Either way it is a good idea to be very familiar with the monologues.
  6. Call back will be Wednesday. The list will go up on her sometime Tuesday night.
  7. Our first ALL CAST rehearsal is Friday!