I know we are a little late with costuming this year but here is the information that I have for you so far. We will be renting costumes to supplement the costumes we do currently own. This means not every cast member will have to rent a costume. On the Drama Club Google Classroom is a costume breakdown where you will find the plan for each character. Below is general information for each participant type.


We tried on the costumes that drama club owns and some characters are fully costumed that way. Other’s will be renting. Please read the costume breakdown to determine what you need to add to your costume or if you need to sign up for a rental slot.

If you need to sign up for a rental slot, we will be renting through Starmakers Costumes 241 Concord St, Glendale, CA 91203. Our rental day is this Saturday, May 6th starting at 11:30 AM. To sign up for a slot head to this google sheet and add your preferred time as a comment. If you absolutely cannot come on Saturday, please email me so we can set up an alternative day.


Choir will wear black pants or leggings and the Into the Woods T-shirts that were ordered through Mrs. Simone. If you did not order a T-shirt, please let me know via email ASAP.

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I was always an avid reader, even if I wasn't the best reader. I would read book after book often returning to well loved favorites to read again. My favorite genres are Science Fiction and Historical Fiction. I find both the past and the possible future very interesting. When I became a librarian I was very excited by the prospect of sharing my love of books. I quickly discovered that teaching library and technology is much more than reading books. It's sharing information, learning about reliable resources, digital citizenship, computer skills. Being a librarian at St. Philip's also means I teach technology, film editing, 3d printing, and much more. When I'm not reading and teaching library and technology skills you can find me running SPAS Drama Club.

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