Upcoming Rehearsals

Hi everyone! Welcome to the stage! This week starts our everyday rehearsals until 6pm in Holy Angel Hall. I’m excited to see the stage go up tonight. I’ve been getting some questions regarding some upcoming days and I thought I would give you all a quick snapshot of what the next three weeks look like. All of this is on the calendar too.

Week 1 – Final Blocking and Stage Set Up

May 15 All cast and choir for preliminary tech run-through with Mr. W. After school until 6pm

May 16 – 18 All cast/choir and crew for our first days on the stage. After school until 6pm

May 19 All cast/choir and crew but rehearsal ends at 5pm for the Spring Concert.

Week 2 – Tech Week

May 22 – 26 All cast/choir and crew for tech rehearsals, after school until 6pm

Week 3 – Dress Rehearsals

May 29 (Memorial Day) 3pm to 6pm

May 30 after school to 6pm

May 31 after school to 6pm

Thursday, June 1st

Final Dress Rehearsal – time TBD

3pm Cast/Crew Dinner

4pm – Characters, House Crew, Managers

5:30 – Choir

6pm – Tech and Backstage Crew

7pm – performance

Friday, June 2nd

4pm – Characters, House Crew, Managers

5:30 – Choir

6pm – Tech and Backstage Crew

7pm – performance

Saturday, June 3rd

11AM – Characters, House Crew, Managers

12:30 – Choir

1pm – Tech and Backstage Crew

2pm – performance

Spring Concert

I forgot to adjust the calendar for the Spring Concert. Yes, we do have rehearsal that day. No, we will not go to 6pm. We will end at 5pm so people who need to get ready can. I will not be going home so if you need your child to wait with me until you arrive that is fine. We will be out on the courtyard but I do need to know if you are planning on doing this. Students must be picked up by the time Spring Concert starts.


I know we are a little late with costuming this year but here is the information that I have for you so far. We will be renting costumes to supplement the costumes we do currently own. This means not every cast member will have to rent a costume. On the Drama Club Google Classroom is a costume breakdown where you will find the plan for each character. Below is general information for each participant type.


We tried on the costumes that drama club owns and some characters are fully costumed that way. Other’s will be renting. Please read the costume breakdown to determine what you need to add to your costume or if you need to sign up for a rental slot.

If you need to sign up for a rental slot, we will be renting through Starmakers Costumes 241 Concord St, Glendale, CA 91203. Our rental day is this Saturday, May 6th starting at 11:30 AM. To sign up for a slot head to this google sheet and add your preferred time as a comment. If you absolutely cannot come on Saturday, please email me so we can set up an alternative day.


Choir will wear black pants or leggings and the Into the Woods T-shirts that were ordered through Mrs. Simone. If you did not order a T-shirt, please let me know via email ASAP.