Spring Concert

I forgot to adjust the calendar for the Spring Concert. Yes, we do have rehearsal that day. No, we will not go to 6pm. We will end at 5pm so people who need to get ready can. I will not be going home so if you need your child to wait with me until you arrive that is fine. We will be out on the courtyard but I do need to know if you are planning on doing this. Students must be picked up by the time Spring Concert starts.

Published by Ms. Natalie

I was always an avid reader, even if I wasn't the best reader. I would read book after book often returning to well loved favorites to read again. My favorite genres are Science Fiction and Historical Fiction. I find both the past and the possible future very interesting. When I became a librarian I was very excited by the prospect of sharing my love of books. I quickly discovered that teaching library and technology is much more than reading books. It's sharing information, learning about reliable resources, digital citizenship, computer skills. Being a librarian at St. Philip's also means I teach technology, film editing, 3d printing, and much more. When I'm not reading and teaching library and technology skills you can find me running SPAS Drama Club.

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