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About Ms. Natalie

I was always an avid reader, even if I wasn't the best reader. I would read book after book often returning to well loved favorites to read again. My favorite genres are Science Fiction and Historical Fiction. I find both the past and the possible future very interesting. When I became a librarian I was very excited by the prospect of sharing my love of books. I quickly discovered that teaching library and technology is much more than reading books. It's sharing information, learning about reliable resources, digital citizenship, computer skills. Being a librarian at St. Philip's also means I teach technology, film editing, 3d printing, and much more. When I'm not reading and teaching library and technology skills you can find me running SPAS Drama Club.

Oklahoma! Costumes

I just wanted to get some costume ideas out there before Easter break. I have a Pinterest board started and will continue to add to it. Here are the basic guidelines for each character type.

Here is a great ebay store to get period costumes.

  1. Farmers: Everything should be either mens or boys cuts. Long sleeve button down shirt in bright colors but no patterns, overalls and boots. Boots can be any type as long as they aren’t combat boots or anything modern looking.
  2. Cowboys: Everything should be either mens or boys cuts. Long sleeve button down shirt in plaids or checks. Pants that will fit over a boot. You may choose to wear suspenders or vests but you don’t have to. You may also chose to wear a cowboy hat as long as it is mens/boys. Cowboy boots.
  3. Female characters: Think prairie dresses right before the turn of the century. They would have wide skirts with petticoats. You can be as authentic as you like or fake it till you make it. You may choose to wear a dress or a blouse and skirt combo. You must wear stockings/tights and victorian type boots. You can find some on amazon in the $30-$40 range or try ebay.
  4. Laurey, Aunt Eller, Ado Annie, and Gertie: please provide your own stockings and shoes.
  5. Peddler: please provide your own boots.
  6. Dream Ballet Girls: You need to get pink ballet shoes.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Drama club is going to see Newsies at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood! We are going on Saturday April 11, 2015. The showtime is 2pm but we like to go early and get pizza at our a pizza place down the street. The bus will leave St. Philip’s at 11am and should return by 6pm. If your drama club student would like to go I need an email and check by April 1, 2015. If you would like to chaperone please let me know and I will add you too the waiting list. Once I know how many students are going I can begin assigning chaperone tickets.

The price per ticket is $25.

Oklahoma! Cast List

Angelina Arevalos — Farmer

Giuliana Casciani — Farmer

Brooke Colton — Mike and Dream Ballet

Greta Coontz — The Peddler

Melanie Corral — Curly McLain

Faith Cuevo — Cowgirl

Dominic Domenghini — Andrew Carnes

Sophia Dozois — Slim and Dream Ballet

Lilianna Frias — Farmer

Corinne Gray — Cowgirl

Mackenzie Grube –Cowboy

Emma Gunn — Virginia and Dream Ballet

Megan Hanna — Vivian and Dream Ballet

Cordell Johnson — Farmer

Sophia Louviere — Cowboy

Maria Luiso — Ike Skidmore

Catherine Maldonado — Laurey Williams

Sarah McGrory — Cowboy

Lily Mendez — Kate and Dream Ballet

Lindsey Michelena — Farmer

Heather Palomino — Ado Annie

Alexis Perez — Farmer

Elizabeth Rosenberger — Jud

Samantha Santoro — Tom and Dream Ballet

Ximena Santoro — Cord Elam

Stuart Serventi — Will Parker

Grace Tight — Gertie Cummings and Dream Ballet

Sasha Torres — Joe and Dream Ballet

Natalie Vandergriff — Ellen and Dream Ballet

Marcos Vargas — Fred and Dream Ballet

Isabella Vinci — Aunt Eller

Emily Wallace — Farmer

Emma Weidman — Cowboy

Maria Yniguez — Cowgirl

NEW Oklahoma! Audition Info

I have decided to have everyone who auditioned read some quick scenes tomorrow after the dance auditions with Mrs. Simone.

IF you were part of the group who got special permission to do your dance audition early PLEASE SEE ME to schedule a reading for next week.

I will provide the scripts at the auditions.

The cast list will go up on Wednesday March 11 AND we will have first rehearsal that same day after school.

As always email me with questions!