Audition Information

Little Women

All audition information is here for you. Read the Cast Contract carefully! Make sure you are available for all rehearsals and show times. If you can’t fully commit this probably isn’t the time for you to participate. After you and your family decides they want to participate in our production fill out the audition form. You can find it listed at the top of the page. You must then choose a monologue to read at your audition.

The audition order will be posted on Monday evening. After your audition on Tuesday you may go home.

Call Backs will be posted Tuesday night and held Wednesday after school. I will provide you with the materials to read at the call backs. Friday will be our first rehearsal.

Cast Contract

Please print, sign and bring with you to your audition.

Character Descriptions:

Mrs. Tominson: a society lady

Josephine March: Older Joe who is by now a famous author

Mr. March: Father who went off to serve in the war.

Mrs. March: called Marmee. She is strong and holds the family together.

Meg: the oldest sister and most practical.

Jo: a tomboy who loves to write. She dreams of going off to war and doesn’t like convention.

Beth: shy and frail. She always see the best and is kindhearted.

Amy: the youngest sister. She is a little selfish.

Hannah: the March’s housekeeper.

Aunt March: a rich relative who is a little difficult to deal with.

Mr. Laurence: a wealthy neighbor. Grandfather to Laurie.

Theodore Laurence: neighbor boy who is Jo’s age. Called Laurie.

John Brooke: Laurie’s tutor

Mrs. Moffet: family acquaintance.

Clara: Mrs. Moffet’s daughter

Jenny and Mary: schoolgirls

Sarah and Katy: Meg’s pupils

Mrs. Kirke: family acquaintance

Kitty and Minnie: Mrs. Kirke’s daughters

Professor Friedrich Bhaer: an older gentleman who becomes Jo’s friend.

Audition Monologues:

This year you have two options to choose from.  It is a good idea to either memorize or be very familiar with the monologue you choose to audition with. Memorization isn’t required.

The 1st is for male characters. Read from where it says Start to where it says End. You are playing Mr. Laurence after he befriends Beth.

Male Character Monologue

The 2nd option is for female characters. The attached page has all 4 sisters reading a letter to their father. I would you to read each sister in character.

Sisters Monologue



Not for the Fall Play!


11 thoughts on “Audition Information

    1. falconsfables Post author

      There aren’t any actual weekend rehearsals but the week before and after Memorial Day are tech and dress rehearsal. Basically if there is any sort of conflict during those weeks and you absolutely can’t be at rehearsal then you can’t be in the play. We will have rehearsal the Friday of Memorial day weekend. We will not have rehearsal Memorial day.

      1. Tonya Colton

        The fifth grade girls have their Girl Scout bridging trip in San Fransisco on Memorial Day weekend (Fri-Sun). Does that mean that the 5th grade girls can’t be in the musical?

  1. Kristin Maldonado

    Hi, i have a question also. On Good Friday and the following week that there is no school, will the rehearsal schedule be the same, or will the rehearsals be earlier, since there is no school……Or will there will daily rehearsals since there is no school?

  2. Treacy Casciani

    Thank you, we really appreciate any understanding about 5th grade bridging! We specifically didn’t pick 5/30 so the girls could be in the production.


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