Beauty and the Beast Vocal Audition Order

Vocal auditions will be in the Learning Commons. Please make sure you have your signed contract with you. When you come into audition tell me who you are auditioning for and the song you will sing.

If we decide to have call backs they will be posted on Wednesday. Dance auditions will be on Friday in Mrs. Simone’s room. Call backs will be right after. Break a leg!

Chloe Gilb

Shaylin Jani

Brooke Colton

Talia Luna

Isabel Luna

Dominic Domenghini

Emma Gunn

Maria Luiso

Giulina Casciani

Rory Burke

Greta Coontz

Elizabeth Rosenberger

Jennie Maruna

Maria Yniguez

Lindsey Michelena

Alexis Perez

Julian Corral

Corinne Gray

Jessie Morales

Audrey von Wolffradt

Megan Hanna

Celeste Teran

Mateo Alfonso

Marcos Vargas

Lily Mendez

Luna Ruiz

Emily Wallace

Ximena Santoro

Brooke Colton

Lilianna Frias

Antonia d’Auria

Hailey Hernandez

Stuart Serventi

Adam Comi

Daniela Salazar

Samantha Santoro

Ella Arroyo


The Westing Game Cast List

Giulianna Casciani —  Party Guest/Reader

Rory Burke — Grace Windsor Wexler

Dominic Domenghini — Otis Amber/Detective

Eva Domenghini — Party Guest

Maria Yniguez — Edward Plum

Elizabeth Rosenberger — Judge J. J. Ford

Sarah McGrory — Angela Wexler

Jenny Maruna — Party Guest

Roan Velasquez — D. Denton Deere

Ella Arroyo — Party Guest

Cordell Johnson — Barney Northrup

Corinne Grey — Flora Miller Baumbach

Lindsey Michelena — Sydelle Pulaski

Megan Hanna — Doug Hoo

Skylar Medina — Party Guest

Antonia d’Auria — Dr. Sidney Sikes

Audrey von Wolfradt — Party Guest

Alexis Perez — Party Guest

Brooke Colton — Party Guest/Reader

Emma Gunn — Podcaster/Party Guest

Sophia Louviere — Party Guest

Maria Luiso — Berthe Erica Crow

Chloe Gilb — Party Guest/ Reader

Shaylin Jani — Party Guest/ Reader

Julian Corral — Chris Theodorakis

Lily Mendez — Mr. James Shin Hoo

Isabel Luna — Party Guest

Talia Luna — Party Guest

Liliana Frias — Theo Theodorakis

Greta Coontz — Turtle Wexler

Jessie Morales — Party Guest

Stuart Serventi — Sandy McSouthers/ Julian R. Eastman

The Westing Game Call Backs

Thank you everyone who auditioned! Call backs are Friday and everyone has at least one scene to read*. I have already put you in groups. Please come see me at recess tomorrow to receive the print out of your scene. We will start call backs after dismissal and they will be in the Learning Commons. Everyone will watch each other. We will start with the scene titled Call Back 1 and go in group order. Then we will do Call Back 2, Call Back 3 and Call Back 4 all in group order.  The name of the character you will be reading in your assigned scene is in parenthesis next to your name. Break a leg!

Call Back 1: Turtle, Sandy, Otis, Theo and Doug.

  1. Maria Y(Turtle), Giulianna (Sandy), Dominic (Otis), Eva (Theo), Elizabeth (Doug)
  2. Sarah(Turtle), Jenny (Sandy), Cordell (Otis), Ella (Theo), Roan (Doug)
  3. Megan(Turtle), Antonia (Sandy), Lindsay (Otis), Skylar (Theo),  Corinne (Doug)
  4. Sophia(Turtle), Brooke (Sandy), Audrey (Otis), Alexis (Theo), Maria L. (Doug)
  5. Chloe (Turtle), Shaylin (Sandy), Julian (Otis), Isabell (Theo), Talia (Doug)
  6. Greta(Turtle), Lilliana (Sandy), Emma (Otis), Jessie (Theo), Stuart (Doug)

Call Back 2: Denton, Angela, Crow.

  1. Rory (Angela), Maria Y. (Crow), Roan (Denton)
  2. Sarah (Angela), Corinne (Crow), Stuart (Denton)
  3. Megan (Angela), Lilliana (Crow), Maria Y. (Denton)
  4. Shaylin (Angela), Emma (Crow), Stuart (Denton)

Call Back 3: Mr. Hoo and Grace

  1. Elizabeth (Grace), Roan (Mr. Hoo)
  2. Maria L. (Grace), Stuart (Mr. Hoo)
  3. Greta (Grace), Dominic (Mr. Hoo)
  4. Rory (Grace), Lilliana (Mr. Hoo)
  5. Corinne (Grace), Lily (Mr. Hoo)

Call Back 4: Ford and Sandy

  1. Dominic (Ford), Elizabeth (Sandy)
  2. Corinne (Ford), Cordell (Sandy)
  3. Megan (Ford), Lindsey (Sandy)
  4. Antonia (Ford), Chloe (Sandy)
  5. Julian (Ford), Lilliana (Sandy)
  6. Lily (Ford), Giulianna (Sandy)

*I tried to cross check everything but if I somehow missed you PLEASE let me know. I did not intentionally leave anyone out but it’s been a long day.

The Westing Game Audition Order

Here is the Audition Order. Auditions will start after dismissal. They will be in the Learning Commons. Please do noy com down to the Commons until 3:20 or after dismissal. Auditions will take place in the AV Room. Please wait quietly for your turn. As long as a parent is inside the commons to pick you up you may leave as soon as your done. PLEASE RESPECT THE RULES AND DO NOT EXIT THROUGH THE GLASS DOORS. Call backs will be posted on the blog on Wednesday. Call backs will be Friday and you will receive a scene to use. Break a leg!

Giuliana Casciani

Roy Burke

Dominic Domenghini

Eva Domenghini

Sophia Dozois

Maria yniguez

Elizabeth Rosenberger

Sarah Mcgrory

Jenny Rose Maruna

Roan Velasquez

Ella Arroyo

Cordell Johnson

Corine Gray

Lindsey Michelena

Megan Hanna

Skylar Medina

Antonia dAuria

Audrey von Wolfradt

Alexis Perez

Brook Colton

Emma Gunn

Sofia Louviere

Maria Luiso

Chloe Gilb

Shaylin Jani

Julian Corral

Lily Mendez

Isabella Luna

Talia Luna

Liliana Frias

Stuart Serventi