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Costume Details

Hello everyone. I know some of you are concerned about hair and makeup. I’ve put together some Pinterest boards to help you figure out what you want to do. I don’t mind detailed hair on the god and Muses but don’t expect to start from scratch when you are getting ready at school. If you want your hair to be curled you need to come with it curled. As for makeup you can have a lot of fun going all out 80’s. Muses and gods can do shimmer and sparkles but not extreme 80’s.


Xanadu Costumes

Alright, it’s time to start thinking Costumes. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the various types of costumes. I am going to list by character type or specific characters and say what you need to provide and what we have or will make/purchase for a character. Please email me if you have any questions.

Clio/Kira: We will provide both costumes. You will need black jazz shoes.
Sonny Malone: Let’s talk and see what we can figure out.
Danny: A suit. If the costume closet has one that fits we can use that otherwise you will need to provide.

Muses: Please provide a tasteful lyrical dance dress (or something creatively similar) in the color next to your character name. Dresses should not have short skirts. Some examples can be found at the following links. You can order one of these, use one you may have or find one that you like better. Depending on what you find you may need to also wear a leotard/tights. I certainly don’t mind creativity but I don’t want anything too elaborate. The color should be the part that stands out. You will need black jazz shoes
This one’s ok but I would prefer a dress that isn’t a halter Perhaps with a bolero sweater
A print is fine as long as it fits with the theme
Good example
Try to keep the color in the jewel tone range. I want to avoid pastels.
Erato: yellow
Urania: royal blue
Polyhymnia: aqua
Euterpe: pink
Melpomene: purple
Thalia: orange
Terpsichore: white
Calliope: green

Andrew Sisters: I am looking for matching costumes so stay tuned for the final decision.

The Tubes: All black. You can wear anything a bit punk rock as long as there are not logos or prints. Black pants, black skirt, black t-shirt or black tank top (no skinny straps) and a funky printed bandana. I suggest trying thrift shops.

All Greek Gods: We will make bed sheet togas. You will need a white t-shirt for male characters and a white tank top (no skinny straps) for female characters, a white bed sheet and either white pants for male characters or white leggings for female characters. You will also need gold sandals. I will provide accents.

Medusa: A Black bedsheet, black leggings, and black tank top (no skinny straps) I will make your wig and provide accents.
Centaur: White t-shirt and white pants/leggings. I will make your horse legs.
Cyclops: Brown pants and brown long sleeved t-shirt. I will provide the mask.
Hermes: White t-shirt, white pants, white bed sheet. Gold sandals to attach gold wings to. I will find a winged helmet.

Sirens: I am looking for matching dresses for you. I will let you know ASAP if we need to go in another directions. Black Jazz shoes.

Greek Chorus: I want you to be creative and think 80’s. I just ask that you keep the colors in a pastel range. The Greek Chorus should contrast with most of the other characters so you stand out. I have put together a Pinterest board with clothing and color ideas.


Sorry for the confusion on the calendar. I’m waiting to hear back from Mrs. Simone and Mrs. Homan about the rehearsals they are running and then I will update the calendar with the character names of those expected at rehearsal the next few weeks.

Xanadu Cast List

Angelina Arevalos. Tubes
Sophie Anderson                Andrew Sister/Greek Chorus

Angelina Arevalos               Tubes

Campbell Buffington           Siren

Rory Burke                            Andrew Sister/Greek Chorus

Natalie Burnham                 Kira

Caitlin Bury                           Thetis/Greek Chorus

Giuliana Casciani               Siren–Parthenope

Audrey Ciampa                    Siren–Peisinoe

Brooke Colton                      Tubes/Greek Chorus

Greta Coontz                        Siren–Teles/Greek Chorus

Melanie Corral                     Calliope

Vanessa Covarrubias         Tubes

Dominic Domenghini         Cyclops/Greek Chorus

Sophie Dozois                     Greek Chorus

Gracie Galindo                    Thalia

Claire Ganguin                    Terpsichore

Gabby Gonzalez                  Medusa

Corinne Gray                        Siren–Ligeia

Emma Gunn                         Tubes/Greek Chorus

Grace Gustilo                       Hera

Megan Hanna                      Erato

Cali Havens                          Aglaope

Shaylin Jani                          Greek Chorus

Amanda Kuczma                 Thelxiepeia

Talia Luna                             Tubes

Catherine Maldonado        Euterpe

Bella Marez                          Melpomene

Lily Mendez                          Polyhymnia

Lindsey Michelena              Tubes

Heather Palomino              Andrew Sister/Greek Chorus

Celeste Perez                      Siren

Elizabeth Rosenberger      Greek Chorus

Samantha Santoro              Tubes/Greek Chorus

Laura Searcy                         Zeus

Cassidy Scanlin                   Greek Chorus

India Scofield                       Hermes

Stuart Serventi                    Danny

Grace Tighe                          Greek Chorus

Sasha Torres                       Aphrodite

Natalie Vandergriff              Greek Chorus

Marcos Vargas                     Centaur/Greek Chorus

Emily Verdine                       Siren–Leucosia/Greek Chorus

Isabella Vinci                        Urania

Lila Weithas                         Siren–Raidne

John Wells                            Sonny

Kate Winschel                      Siren–Molpe


Just a few thoughts

As I go back and forth in casting Xanadu I have become aware of the need to explain some of the parts in the play. Like most musicals there are a few parts with solo singing roles, some small walk on roles and perhaps the most import role of all, the Chorus. I know few of you believe how important the chorus is and I can understand that feeling. It doesn’t feel as special to be one of many. Especially when you dream of standing out.

You may have noticed in the character sheet I handed out that there is a character called Greek Chorus. Western theatre has it’s roots in Greece, specifically Athens. Theatre was very intregal in the lives of the citizens. The idea was that even the community was involved during a dramatic performance. But the entire audience couldn’t be on stage, they needed a representative. The Greek Chorus filled that void. Their role was to demonstrate how the audience might react to the drama on stage. They also offered background information, comment on themes and often spoke outloud what the character was thinking. The chorus was regarded as an actor. It was integral, important, and vital to the entire production.

Xanadu presents a unique opportunity to re-establish the traditional Greek Chorus. Most of the songs are sung by the Greek Chorus. They are the foundation for the world of the play. They need to be strong singers and actors who have the ability to sell the story. Here is a video that shows the influence Greek Chorus has had on us.


And a classic example of a Greek Chorus