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Beauty and the Beast Costumes

We rented most of the enchanted costumes, yay! Villagers and some other characters will need to supply their own costumes. We spent one rehearsal looking through the drama club costume closet and gave out what we had.

Take a close look at this spreadsheet to see what costumes each character has to supply and what costumes are taken care of. I’ve also include some examples of what different costumes types should look like. Be creative, go to consignment stores or thrift stores. I often find things on Amazon and ebay too.

Lastly, you will see the spreadsheet also has a tab that shows what everyone signed up for to help with the production. I will be emailing parents this week to hand off the various tasks. Thank you so very very much for all your help. I am always available if you have questions.

Because the show is a fairy tale the costumes should be colorful and fun. The style can be loosely based on the Renaissance through the Victorian period. It’s a long stretch of time and I’m not too particular. If you are uncertain you can always email a picture to me.


Boots are not necessary. If a male character chooses to wear actual breeches instead of pants and doesn’t want to wear boots they should wear knee high socks. The costume can be more colorful than this. 


Colorful and fun. Be creative when putting together this look. Hailey is wearing a long blue chemise with a bodice over dress. Both are from ebay. Emily is wearing a peasant skirt from amazon, a peasant blouse that we made a few years ago and a corset bodice. The corset bodice can easily be mimicked with a vest or waist cincher.


Mrs. Homan kindly put together these videos of the accompaniment for each of the parts in the finale. Please spend time practicing your part. You should use the video that as just your part to work on learning it. Then use the video with both parts combined to practice singing.

Tap Info

You may have heard that Mrs. Simone and I decided to add some tap dancing to two numbers in the show. They are Gaston and Be Our Guest. We are very excited about this. Not everyone in the numbers will be tap dancing. Please make sure you read the following information carefully. If you need to get tap shoes please have them by March 8, 2016 in time for your first tap lesson. Thank you!


Tappers: All villagers, Narrators,  Lefou and Silly Girls

Be Our Guest

Tappers: All servants, Narrators, Lumiere, Mrs. Pots, and Chip

Please get these type of tap shoes. You can sometimes find them at payless and of course Amazon. If you prefer the Red Shoes has them as well.


Beauty and the Beast Jr. Cast List

Everyone you all did an amazing job. This was one of the HARDEST plays to cast. You are all so very talented. Remember if you didn’t get the role this time, there is always next time. All of your combined talent is going to make for a magical show!

Chloe Gilb – Villager

Shaylin Jani – Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress/Servant

Brooke Colton -Silly Girl 3

Talia Luna – Villager

Isabel Luna – Villager

Dominic Domenghini – Lumiere

Emma Gunn – Silly Girl 2

Maria Luiso – Mrs. Potts

Giuliana Casciani – Servant

Rory Burke – Narrator 1

Greta Coontz – Lefou

Elizabeth Rosenberger – Maurice

Jennie Maruna – Servant

Maria Yniguez – Narrator 4

Lindsey Michelena – Villager

Alexis Perez – Villager

Julian Corral – Chip

Corinne Gray – Madame De La Grande Bouche

Jessie Morales – Villager

Audrey von Wolffradt – Servant and Villager

Megan Hanna – Babette

Celeste Teran – Servant

Mateo Alfonso – Cogsworth

Marcos Vargas – Narrator 3

Lily Mendez – Belle

Luna Ruiz – Servant and Villager

Emily Wallace -Narrator 2

Ximena Santoro – Monsieur D’arque/Servant

Lilianna Frias -Villager

Hailey Hernandez – Servant

Stuart Serventi – Beast

Daniela Salazar – Silly Girl 1

Samantha Santoro – Gaston

Caroline Michelle – Villager

Ella Arroyo – Villager

Dance Auditions and Call Backs

Good job everyone! Your singing auditions were great. We have decided to have some call backs on Friday after the dance auditions. EVERYONE must attend the dance auditions first. You will learn a small routine and perform it in groups. The call backs will happen after that.

If you did not get a call back, don’t worry. There are a lot of parts in this show. Just remember one part might not be right for you but another very well could be. Also, (and in case you didn’t know) I understand the nerves and stress. I didn’t always get cast in shows; and if I did it wasn’t ever a main role. I was very sad the times I didn’t get cast but I picked myself up and joined crew. I was desperate to be a part in any way. Fortunately for SPAS students we cast everyone! You may not be singing a solo, you may not be saying a line but you are participating. I think you area all amazing and talented and special!

Call Backs: If you are on this list come see me tomorrow at recess to get your script. Thank you!

Round 1: Belle-Maria, Maurice-Rory, Beast-Stuart

Round 2: Belle-Lily, Maurice-Greta, Beast-Stuart


Round 3: Gaston-Elizabeth, Lefou-Mateo

Round 4: Gaston-Brooke, Lefou-Ximena

Round 5: Gaston-Samantha, Lefou-Julian

Round 6: Cogsworth- Rory, Maurice-Mateo, Lumiere-Dominic, Babette-Lily, Mrs. Pots-Corinne, Chip-Talia

Round 7: Cogsworth-Maria Y., Maurice-Julian, Lumiere-Mateo, Babette-Greta, Mrs. Pots-Megan, Chip-Audrey



Round 8: Narrators:     Jessi, Celeste, Marcos, Emily

Round 9: Narrators:     Talia, Emma, Alexis, Daniella

Sing Again: The following people are asked to sing again. Please try to sing a song that one of your call back characters would sing. If it is a song that isn’t on the audition info see me for help.

Megan, Corinne, Lily, Dominic, Matteo, Julian