Little Women Costume Ideas

It’s costume time! While there are a lot of costumes being provided there are some people that will have to be creative I’ve included my pinterest board which contains more authentic images. Underneath that are characters who need costumes and some ideas for finding them. I used search terms like victorian girl, civil war ball gown, victorian ball gown, etc.

Female Dancers: You need some sort of puffy dress. Try ebay or thrift stores for a floor length ball gown. I searched ebay for 80s prom dresses and found some good options.

  • Such as this:
  • Or this without the apron

Little Girls: Try to find some sort of old fashioned looking dress. If it has a full, bell shaped skirt all the better.

  • Something like this (more expensive)
  • Or this without the bonnet


Shoes should be black.

  • Children wear mary jane type shoes, no heal
  • Women wear character shoes
  • Men wear dress shoes (oxfords and loafers)

Children hair should be ringlets or braids.

Women’s hair should be up. There are examples on the pinterest board. It doesn’t have to be perfect.


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