Cast List

The cast list will be posted tomorrow in the LC at Jr. High lunch. I will also update this blog post at that time. Thank you for your wonderful auditions. You were all truly great! If you didn’t get what you wanted this time, there is always next time!!!!! Keep trying, keep loving theatre no matter what.

Our first rehearsal is tomorrow. I will update the calendar asap with the rehearsal schedule.

In 1889:

Mrs. Tomlinson – Chloe Gilb

Josephine March – Sophia Dozois

The Years 1863 to 1868

The March Family…

Mr. March – Cordell Johnson

Marmee – Giuliana Casciani

Meg – Sarah McGrory

Jo – Corinne Gray

Beth – Claire Valdez

Amy – Emma Gunn

Hannah – Daniela Salazar

Aunt March – Lindsey Michelena

Next Door…

Mr. Laurence – Lily Frias

Theodore Laurence – Dominic Domenghini

John Brooke – Christopher Tom

Also in Town…

Mrs. Moffett – Shaylin Jani

Clara – Talia Luna

Jenny – Sarah Valenzuela

Mary – Jessie Morales

Sarah – Ella Arroyo

Katy – Alexis Perez

Party Guests: Julian Corral

Astrid Osis

Skylar Medina

Erin Michelena

Brian Tom

Madeline Schneiders

Audrey von Wolffradt

Chloe Gilb

Adam Comi

In New York City…

Mrs. Kirke – Maria Yniguez

Kitty – Ivana Salazar

Minnie – Isabella Conde

Professor Friedrich Bhaer – Matteo Alfonso


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