Little Women Audition Order

Auditions will start tomorrow right after dismissal. Please do not go down to the LC until dismissal is over. You will audition in the follow order. Come into the room, say your name, any roles you want to be considered for and the monologue you chose. Remember if you are doing the sisters monologue you should read all 4 sisters parts in character. Break a leg!

Dominic Domenghi
Talia Luna
Jessie Morales
Adam Comi
Ella Arroyo
Madeline Schnieders
Bryan Tom
Daniella Salazar
Shaylin Jani
Alexis Perez
Maria Yniguez
Audrey von Wolffradt
Sophia Dozois
Claire Valdez
Lindsey Michelena
Erin Michelena
Skylar Medina
Astrid Osses
Corinne Gray
Sarah McGrory
Giuliana Casciani
Julian Corral
Emma Gunn
Sarah Valenzuela
Chloe Gilb
Isabella Conde
Christopher Tom
Matteo Alfonso
Ivana Salazar

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