Beauty and the Beast Jr. Cast List

Everyone you all did an amazing job. This was one of the HARDEST plays to cast. You are all so very talented. Remember if you didn’t get the role this time, there is always next time. All of your combined talent is going to make for a magical show!

Chloe Gilb – Villager

Shaylin Jani – Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress/Servant

Brooke Colton -Silly Girl 3

Talia Luna – Villager

Isabel Luna – Villager

Dominic Domenghini – Lumiere

Emma Gunn – Silly Girl 2

Maria Luiso – Mrs. Potts

Giuliana Casciani – Servant

Rory Burke – Narrator 1

Greta Coontz – Lefou

Elizabeth Rosenberger – Maurice

Jennie Maruna – Servant

Maria Yniguez – Narrator 4

Lindsey Michelena – Villager

Alexis Perez – Villager

Julian Corral – Chip

Corinne Gray – Madame De La Grande Bouche

Jessie Morales – Villager

Audrey von Wolffradt – Servant and Villager

Megan Hanna – Babette

Celeste Teran – Servant

Mateo Alfonso – Cogsworth

Marcos Vargas – Narrator 3

Lily Mendez – Belle

Luna Ruiz – Servant and Villager

Emily Wallace -Narrator 2

Ximena Santoro – Monsieur D’arque/Servant

Lilianna Frias -Villager

Hailey Hernandez – Servant

Stuart Serventi – Beast

Daniela Salazar – Silly Girl 1

Samantha Santoro – Gaston

Caroline Michelle – Villager

Ella Arroyo – Villager


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