Dance Auditions and Call Backs

Good job everyone! Your singing auditions were great. We have decided to have some call backs on Friday after the dance auditions. EVERYONE must attend the dance auditions first. You will learn a small routine and perform it in groups. The call backs will happen after that.

If you did not get a call back, don’t worry. There are a lot of parts in this show. Just remember one part might not be right for you but another very well could be. Also, (and in case you didn’t know) I understand the nerves and stress. I didn’t always get cast in shows; and if I did it wasn’t ever a main role. I was very sad the times I didn’t get cast but I picked myself up and joined crew. I was desperate to be a part in any way. Fortunately for SPAS students we cast everyone! You may not be singing a solo, you may not be saying a line but you are participating. I think you area all amazing and talented and special!

Call Backs: If you are on this list come see me tomorrow at recess to get your script. Thank you!

Round 1: Belle-Maria, Maurice-Rory, Beast-Stuart

Round 2: Belle-Lily, Maurice-Greta, Beast-Stuart


Round 3: Gaston-Elizabeth, Lefou-Mateo

Round 4: Gaston-Brooke, Lefou-Ximena

Round 5: Gaston-Samantha, Lefou-Julian

Round 6: Cogsworth- Rory, Maurice-Mateo, Lumiere-Dominic, Babette-Lily, Mrs. Pots-Corinne, Chip-Talia

Round 7: Cogsworth-Maria Y., Maurice-Julian, Lumiere-Mateo, Babette-Greta, Mrs. Pots-Megan, Chip-Audrey



Round 8: Narrators:     Jessi, Celeste, Marcos, Emily

Round 9: Narrators:     Talia, Emma, Alexis, Daniella

Sing Again: The following people are asked to sing again. Please try to sing a song that one of your call back characters would sing. If it is a song that isn’t on the audition info see me for help.

Megan, Corinne, Lily, Dominic, Matteo, Julian


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