Beauty and the Beast Vocal Audition Order

Vocal auditions will be in the Learning Commons. Please make sure you have your signed contract with you. When you come into audition tell me who you are auditioning for and the song you will sing.

If we decide to have call backs they will be posted on Wednesday. Dance auditions will be on Friday in Mrs. Simone’s room. Call backs will be right after. Break a leg!

Chloe Gilb

Shaylin Jani

Brooke Colton

Talia Luna

Isabel Luna

Dominic Domenghini

Emma Gunn

Maria Luiso

Giulina Casciani

Rory Burke

Greta Coontz

Elizabeth Rosenberger

Jennie Maruna

Maria Yniguez

Lindsey Michelena

Alexis Perez

Julian Corral

Corinne Gray

Jessie Morales

Audrey von Wolffradt

Megan Hanna

Celeste Teran

Mateo Alfonso

Marcos Vargas

Lily Mendez

Luna Ruiz

Emily Wallace

Ximena Santoro

Brooke Colton

Lilianna Frias

Antonia d’Auria

Hailey Hernandez

Stuart Serventi

Adam Comi

Daniela Salazar

Samantha Santoro

Ella Arroyo


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