The Westing Game Cast List

Giulianna Casciani —  Party Guest/Reader

Rory Burke — Grace Windsor Wexler

Dominic Domenghini — Otis Amber/Detective

Eva Domenghini — Party Guest

Maria Yniguez — Edward Plum

Elizabeth Rosenberger — Judge J. J. Ford

Sarah McGrory — Angela Wexler

Jenny Maruna — Party Guest

Roan Velasquez — D. Denton Deere

Ella Arroyo — Party Guest

Cordell Johnson — Barney Northrup

Corinne Grey — Flora Miller Baumbach

Lindsey Michelena — Sydelle Pulaski

Megan Hanna — Doug Hoo

Skylar Medina — Party Guest

Antonia d’Auria — Dr. Sidney Sikes

Audrey von Wolfradt — Party Guest

Alexis Perez — Party Guest

Brooke Colton — Party Guest/Reader

Emma Gunn — Podcaster/Party Guest

Sophia Louviere — Party Guest

Maria Luiso — Berthe Erica Crow

Chloe Gilb — Party Guest/ Reader

Shaylin Jani — Party Guest/ Reader

Julian Corral — Chris Theodorakis

Lily Mendez — Mr. James Shin Hoo

Isabel Luna — Party Guest

Talia Luna — Party Guest

Liliana Frias — Theo Theodorakis

Greta Coontz — Turtle Wexler

Jessie Morales — Party Guest

Stuart Serventi — Sandy McSouthers/ Julian R. Eastman


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