The Westing Game Call Backs

Thank you everyone who auditioned! Call backs are Friday and everyone has at least one scene to read*. I have already put you in groups. Please come see me at recess tomorrow to receive the print out of your scene. We will start call backs after dismissal and they will be in the Learning Commons. Everyone will watch each other. We will start with the scene titled Call Back 1 and go in group order. Then we will do Call Back 2, Call Back 3 and Call Back 4 all in group order.  The name of the character you will be reading in your assigned scene is in parenthesis next to your name. Break a leg!

Call Back 1: Turtle, Sandy, Otis, Theo and Doug.

  1. Maria Y(Turtle), Giulianna (Sandy), Dominic (Otis), Eva (Theo), Elizabeth (Doug)
  2. Sarah(Turtle), Jenny (Sandy), Cordell (Otis), Ella (Theo), Roan (Doug)
  3. Megan(Turtle), Antonia (Sandy), Lindsay (Otis), Skylar (Theo),  Corinne (Doug)
  4. Sophia(Turtle), Brooke (Sandy), Audrey (Otis), Alexis (Theo), Maria L. (Doug)
  5. Chloe (Turtle), Shaylin (Sandy), Julian (Otis), Isabell (Theo), Talia (Doug)
  6. Greta(Turtle), Lilliana (Sandy), Emma (Otis), Jessie (Theo), Stuart (Doug)

Call Back 2: Denton, Angela, Crow.

  1. Rory (Angela), Maria Y. (Crow), Roan (Denton)
  2. Sarah (Angela), Corinne (Crow), Stuart (Denton)
  3. Megan (Angela), Lilliana (Crow), Maria Y. (Denton)
  4. Shaylin (Angela), Emma (Crow), Stuart (Denton)

Call Back 3: Mr. Hoo and Grace

  1. Elizabeth (Grace), Roan (Mr. Hoo)
  2. Maria L. (Grace), Stuart (Mr. Hoo)
  3. Greta (Grace), Dominic (Mr. Hoo)
  4. Rory (Grace), Lilliana (Mr. Hoo)
  5. Corinne (Grace), Lily (Mr. Hoo)

Call Back 4: Ford and Sandy

  1. Dominic (Ford), Elizabeth (Sandy)
  2. Corinne (Ford), Cordell (Sandy)
  3. Megan (Ford), Lindsey (Sandy)
  4. Antonia (Ford), Chloe (Sandy)
  5. Julian (Ford), Lilliana (Sandy)
  6. Lily (Ford), Giulianna (Sandy)

*I tried to cross check everything but if I somehow missed you PLEASE let me know. I did not intentionally leave anyone out but it’s been a long day.


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