Oklahoma! Cast List

Angelina Arevalos — Farmer

Giuliana Casciani — Farmer

Brooke Colton — Mike and Dream Ballet

Greta Coontz — The Peddler

Melanie Corral — Curly McLain

Faith Cuevo — Cowgirl

Dominic Domenghini — Andrew Carnes

Sophia Dozois — Slim and Dream Ballet

Lilianna Frias — Farmer

Corinne Gray — Cowgirl

Mackenzie Grube –Cowboy

Emma Gunn — Virginia and Dream Ballet

Megan Hanna — Vivian and Dream Ballet

Cordell Johnson — Farmer

Sophia Louviere — Cowboy

Maria Luiso — Ike Skidmore

Catherine Maldonado — Laurey Williams

Sarah McGrory — Cowboy

Lily Mendez — Kate and Dream Ballet

Lindsey Michelena — Farmer

Heather Palomino — Ado Annie

Alexis Perez — Farmer

Elizabeth Rosenberger — Jud

Samantha Santoro — Tom and Dream Ballet

Ximena Santoro — Cord Elam

Stuart Serventi — Will Parker

Grace Tight — Gertie Cummings and Dream Ballet

Sasha Torres — Joe and Dream Ballet

Natalie Vandergriff — Ellen and Dream Ballet

Marcos Vargas — Fred and Dream Ballet

Isabella Vinci — Aunt Eller

Emily Wallace — Farmer

Emma Weidman — Cowboy

Maria Yniguez — Cowgirl


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