Vocal Audition Order

Starting at 3:15 or when dismissal is over we will hold auditions in the library. This is your order based on the sign ups. Remember you are supposed to sing the part of your chosen song that is identified on the audition information page. If you are on Decathlon or had special approved permission the dance auditions will be held after everyone’s vocal audition. Please email me with any questions.

Luiso Maria
Michelena Lindsey
Casciani Giuliana
Yniguez Maria
Vandergriff Natalie
Gray Corinne
Rosenberger Elizabeth
Colton Brooke
Marcos Vargas
Johnson Cordell
Mendez Lily
Domenghini Dominic
McGrory Sarah
Hanna Megan
Coontz Greta
Cuevo Faith
Grube Mackenzie
Arevalos Angelina
Louviere Sophia
Corral Melanie
Santoro Samantha
Santoro Ximena
Vinci Isabella
Tighe Grace
Gunn Emma
Gunn Emma
Serventi Stuart
Wallace Emily
Maldonado Catherine
Torres Sasha
Palomino Heather
Frias Lilianna
Weidman Emma
Grube Mackenzie

2 thoughts on “Vocal Audition Order

  1. Tracy Luiso

    Hi Miss Natalie,

    How long do you expect the dance auditions to go on Friday? Maria has to be at a 6:30 call time at the Cathedral with PCSGV so can she has until 5 Friday before she needs to get changed and get Downtown .

    Thanks, Tracy Luiso



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