Call Backs

Thank you all for auditioning. Everyone is being called. You will do the scene with your assigned group and character. Some of you may have two scenes to do. It does not have to be memorized but it also doesn’t hurt to memorize it. At the very least, you should be extremely familiar with the scene. It is never a good idea to come to auditions without having read the scene multiple times.

Next to your name is the character you will play in that scene.

Scene 1

Group 1: India-Lacade, Elizabeth-Dozous, Maria L.-Jacomet, Greta-Peyramale

Group 2: Dominic-Lacade, Lily-Dozous, Roan-Jacomet, Cordel-Peyramale

Group 3: Christopher-Lacade, Giulianna-Dozous, Maria Y.-Jacomet, Brooke-Peyramale

Group 4: Shaylin-Lacade, Melanie-Dozous, Paloma-Jacomet, Catherine-Peyramale

Scene 2

Group 1: Megan-Bernadette, Paloma-Vauzous

Group 2: Isabella-Bernadette, Melanie-Vauzous

Group 3: Lindsey-Bernadette, Greta-Vauzous

Group 4: Catherine-Bernadette, Maria L.-Vauzous

Scene 1

Scene 2


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