Call Backs

Here are the scripts for your call backs. The number next to your name is the number that is on the script you should do.

Ok…. list will be posted soon.

Phew, I imagine you are all refreshing this page hoping I would post soon. Sorry, Edwin and Eve needed their dinner, bath and bedtime stories.

Please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get a call back.

I ended up listing the script number then your group and character for that script

I emailed some of you also. Please check your email and get back to me.

Call Back Scripts

Script 2:

  1. Melanie Corral~Calliope and Caitlin Bury~Melpomene
  2. Bella Marez~Melopene and Gracie Calindo~Callipe
  3. Laura Searcy~Melopene and Lily Mendez~Callipe
  4. Heather Palomino~Melpomene and Catherine Maldonado~Callipe

Script 3:

  1. John Wells~Danny and Stuart Serventi~Sonny
  2. Dominic Domenghini~Danny and Marcos Vargas~Sonny

Script 4:

  1. Megan Hanna~Hera, Greta Coontz~Aphrodite, Dominic Domenghini~Zeus, Claire Ganguin~Kira, Natalie Vandergriff~Thetis

Script 5:

  1. Samantha Santoro~Hermes and Catherine Maldonado~Kira
  2. Natalie Burnham~Kira and Claire Ganguin~Hermes

Script 6:

  1. Bella Marez~Kira and John Wells~Sonny
  2. Natalie Burnham~Kira and Stuart Serventi~Sonny

Script 8:

  1. Gracie Galindo~Kira, Isabella Vinci~Muses, Brooke Colton~Melpomene

Script 10:

  1. Sasha Torres~Aphrodite, Elizabeth Rosenberger~Hera, Marcos Vargas~Zeus, India Scofield~Thetis, Samantha Santoro~Kira

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