Audition Order

Here is the audition order. Please, if you think you are auditioning and don’t see your name here please email me or come see me tomorrow. If we made special arrangements come see me at lunch.

Cali Havens
Campbell Buffington
Angelina Arevalos
Emma Gunn

Giuliana Casciani
Megan Hanna
Greta Coontz
Melanie Corral
Dominic Domenghini
Caitlin Bury
Isabella Marez
Grace Gustilo
Kate Winschel
Claire Ganguin
Nathan Ganguin
Isabella Vinci
Natalie Vandergriff
Grace Tighe
Sasha Torres
Vanessa Covarrubias
Brooke Colton
Elizabeth Rosenberger
Marcos Vargas
India Scofield
Natalie Burnham
Lila Weithas
Samantha Santoro
Rory Burke
Audrey Ciampa
Lindsey Michelena
Laura Searcy
Graciela Galindo
Amanda Kuczma
Corinne Grey
Sophie Anderson
Lily Mendez
Celeste Perez
Heather Palamino
Talia Luna
Emily Verdin
Gabriela Gonzalez
Sophia Dozois
Catherine Maldonado
Shaylin Jani
John Wells


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