I made a mistake on the flyer that went home last week. I wrote that rehearsals would be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday but that is not correct. Rehearsals will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.


If you plan on auditioning you must sign up prior to the first audition date. I have created a signup form that can be found on the SPAS Drama Club Blog. It should ask you to log in using your student.stphiliptheapostle email. I want the students to sign up themselves. Parents, please don’t sign up your children. Last time I had parents do it for the students. I need the students to be accountable for themselves. This starts from the very beginning and the decision to audition. Parent consent is given by signing the contract. If you do not fill out the form you cannot audition! You have until 5pm on Tuesday February 25th to sign up. At that time I will create a list that tells you your audition order and post it on the blog.



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