COSTUMES! finally

Wolves: should have brought home their wolf hats for you to see. They need to build their costume around the hats. They should wear a long sleeve t-shirt in the color of brown, grey/silver, or white/beige. Their bottoms can be yoga pants, legging, or sweats in the same color. They must have another pop of fur somewhere. It can be a vest, jacket or wherever your imagination takes you. All I ask is that the fur somewhat coordinates with the hats. They should wear black jazz shoes.

Monkeys: please bring in your costumes as soon as you get them so we can start making sure they work.

Rann: please get a white leotard and tights. I will provide the rest.

Shere Khan: I’m taking you up on your offer to put this costume together. The other animals are all wearing hoodie footie type pajamas with ears and tails, etc.

School Boys: I have your costumes ordered. All I need you to get are black oxford shoes.

Teachers etc: I have some of your costume ordered. I do need you to get white collard shirts (except Caitlin) and black loafers or oxfords. We might have some in the costume closet that you can use. If you need to check let me know.

Kaa: I am working on it.

If you haven’t given instructions for one of your characters it is probably because I already have it taken care of.


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