Honk Jr. Costumes

Here are the costume guidelines. I am including my notes from when I spoke to the actors about their costumes.  I have put together some inspiration collages to help you on your search for costumes. They can be found after the list of actors and their costume needs.

I hope I didn’t miss anyone! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Adrian Ballard (cygnet and swan): Cygnet costume has been taken care of. We need to be on the hunt for a white dinner/tuxedo jacket, black bow tie and black pants. Black dress shoes will work for both costumes.

Camilla Leonard (adult duck): Costumes is taken care of.

John Wells (Drake duck): John and I spoke about doing a Sherlock Holmes theme. He said his dad might have found something. I would like to see a picture. Otherwise I looked into purchasing an Inverness cape but they are too expensive. One might have to be made.

Stuart Serventi (boy duckling): Yellow polo shirt, yellow pants preferably knickers, orange knee high socks. I might have to make the knickers.

Ducklings (Emma Weidman, Rory Burke, Grace Tighe): Yellow dress, orange tights(which have been purchased for them already) and ballet slippers that we will spray paint orange.

Isabella Marez (Maureen the Moorhen): Dress, yellow tights (which have been purchased for her already), yellow shoes.

Natalie Burnham (Grace the Mandarin Duck) Mom has purchased a dress. Orange tights

Alex Tigh (The Cat): Fring Jazz shorts, lace jacket, black tights have been purchased for her. Need to get black jazz shoes.

Sasha Tores (Penny the swan) White dress has been found, black sash, black tights. She wants to wear her point shoes but they need to be black.

Diego Conde (Father swan): White dinner/tuxeodo jacket, black bow tie, black pants. If this proves to be impossible we will have to come up with another solution.

Claire Ganguin (Mother swan): White dress more mature than the other swan dress. Black tights. She wants to wear her point shoes but they need to be black.

Nathan Ganguin (Bewick swan): White jacket/tux or perhaps a white vest? Black pants. Might have to think of an alternate plan depending on what we can find.

Roan Velasquez (The Turkey): Brown long sleeve button shirt, red ascot tie, brown pants maybe cords.

Anais Chavez (Henrietta Hen): Dress has been purchased. Need ballet slippers that we will paint the proper color.

Caitlin Bury (Greylag Goose): Costume has been purchased.

Gracie Galindo (Dot Goose): She wants to do a “flight attendant” theme. Her costume should be in similar styling and colors as the other geese costumes.

Will Coontz (Jay Bird): Blue suite and tie a la important newscaster. Fedora type hat with a “Press” tag

The following characters will need two costumes, one for their character and one for the opening number. This is because the opening number does not have frogs, geese, or other miscellaneous characters only the barnyard birds are portrayed. For the opening number they may choose to be a duck, duckling, hen or moorhen.

I am not listing the needs for each individual person since they can vary greatly. Based on your character and opening number choice please base your costumes off of the inspiration images provided below.

Claire Engstrom (The Bullfrog and bird): Olive green overalls (if at all possible or any shade of green), green shirt, scuba diving flippers painted green. Bird costume of her choosing.

Sophie Anderson (Farmer, Goose and bird): Overalls, plaid shirt for farmer. Goose costume see below.

Amanda Kuczma (boy and bird): No costume needed for boy.

Emily Verdin (girl and bird): No costume needed for girl.

Catherine Maldonado (Barnacles goose): regular goose costume with something extra that distinguishes your character. It would be fun if it could be a play on your name for example you might be a nautical type bird so maybe a sailor hat.

Laura Searcy (Snowy goose): regular goose costume with something extra that distinguishes your character. It would be fun if it could be a play on your name for example part of your costume has white.

Kate Winschel (Pinkfoot goose): regular goose costume with something extra that distinguishes your character. It would be fun if it could be a play on your name for example wear pink shoes.

Faith Cueve, Gabriella Gonzalez, Heather Palomino, Kate Rosenberger, Sophie Dakan, Grace Kelly, Audrey Ciampa, Grace Gustilo, Emily Alonso, Melanie Corral, Gabriel Ballard: Are all Geese and another approved bird of your choosing.

Edith Sanchez, Isabella Vinci, Lainey Morales, Madeleine Petersen, Megan hana, Alyssa Bruna, India Scofield, Isabella Paine, Maggie Kiechler, Brianna Boin, Greta Cootnz, Lily Mendez: Are all Froglets and another approved bird of your choosing.

Swans: White with accents of black. Ideally I want the elegant look of a white dinner jacket/tux black pants and bow tie but I’m not sure that is feasible. The girls in very beautiful white dresses. The white dress in the inspiration photo is the dress I found for Penny.

Swan Costume Inspiration

Swan Costume Inspiration

Adult Duck: White dress with orange tights. I got tights from the website We Love Colors When looking for a white dress please try to find something knee length or just above the knee but nothing too short. The dress should be modest and I prefer it to have some sort of sleeves (long or short). Try to think vintage or country.

Duck Costume Inspiration

Duck Costume Inspiration

Ducklings: Much like the adult duck, the only difference is the outfit should be yellow. Also think sweet and childlike.

Duckling Costume Inspiration

Duckling Costume Inspiration

Hens: The hen costume should be a bit matronly “mother henish” We are using the red/brown hen as our inspiration so look for rust or brown color dresses. Tights should be matching in color. For Henrietta I purchased the Rust colored tights from We Love Color (link above)

Hen Costume Inspiration

Hen Costume Inspiration

Maureen and other Moorhens: This bird is black, grey and perhaps a little bit brown. I think a color blocked dress would work well here. The inspiration dress is color blocked with black and grey maybe some dark navy. Yellow tights and maybe an orange/red accent. Lets make these hens the more “modern” and fashionable ones of the bunch.

Maureen and Moorhen Costume Inspiration

Maureen and Moorhen Costume Inspiration

Geese: The Character Greylag is named after the Greylag goose pictured in the inspiration collage. I originally told the geese to stick to grey colors but have since changed my mind. They can do grey, light browns (khaki)  or navy blue but please try to stay away from army green. The costumes need to be military inspired. Specifically World War Two Air Force. They may wear skirts or pants as long as the look is very clearly military. I have purchased side caps for the geese. We thought it would be fun if the geese did give their costumes a modern twist by wearing combat boots. I found the inspiration pair online at Tillys for $39. You might be able to find some cheaper elsewhere. If you can’t find military boots please do not substitute for ridding boots or any boot with a heal. They can wear oxfords instead.

Goose Costume Inspiration

Goose Costume Inspiration

Froglets: I emailed you the link for the leotards and tights. I haven’t heard back from anyone so i’m assuming they are fine. If you haven’t ordered them her is the leotard and the tights. Please order in the color Kelly Green. They come in both children and women’s sizes. I am still working on the skirts and will let you know ASAP.



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    Thank you so much Joanna Gustilo

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