Ok, here are costume ideas for those who need them.

Grand Hommes: The only ones who need costumes are the people playing male characters this includes Daniel. They should be in all white. Think island casual and at play. These men don’t really work. Linen pants and shirts would work perfectly. I do want them in shoes so think loafers.

Female Grand Hommes should wear character type shoes but they can get them in colors to match their dresses. In other words they don’t have to be character shoes but I do want them in that style.

Here is a picture of a group of Grand Hommes.

Peasants/Villagers: Again it is really the the people playing male characters that need to provide their own costumes. I also want breezy island clothing for the males but these should be colorful or earthy. Loose top and pants/long shorts. Male and female will be barefoot.

Here are some pictures of peasants.

I am on the hunt for similar dresses for Little Ti Moune and Ti Moune as well as dresses for the storytellers. So stay tuned.

Erzulie and Asaka have partial costumes already. I discussed with them and asked them to get matching legging for their tops. I will be making them headdresses. They may get creative with footwear.

Papa Ge and  Agwe have also discussed with me. They want to wear the same linen or island type clothes as the other male characters. Agwe should be in white and Papa Ge in Black. To distinguish them they will need a colored scarf, blue for Agwe and red for Papa Ge. I will make them headdresses also.

Please email me with any questions!


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