Once on This Island Jr. Cast List

Thank you everyone for auditioning. I think each show becomes more and more difficult to cast. Our first rehearsal will be March 6 from 3-5pm.

Alonso, Paulina Choir/Peasant
Anderson, Sophie Chior/Peasant
Baker, Aaron Agwen
Ballard, Adrian Papa Ge
Barrios, Keila Choir/Peasant
Bolin, Brianna Choir/Grand Homme
Burnham, Natalie Choir/Gossiper 2/Grand Homme
Chavez, Anais Storyteller 3/Villager 3 & 6
Ciampa, Audrey Choir/Grand Homme
Covarrubia, Victoria Choir/Gossiper 3/Grand Homme
Crump, Sean Daniel
Damore, Alyssa Choir/Grand Homme
Di Pietro, Laura Asaka
Engstrom, Claire Ti Moune
Galindo, Gracie Choir/Villager 1 & 8
Ganguin, Claire Choir/Grand Homme
Garcia, Claudia Choir/Gossiper 5/Grand Homme
Gilb, Jenna Gatekeeper/Gossiper 3
Goepel, Elayna Storyteller 1/Villager 2
Granadino, Sofie Choir/Gossiper 6/Grand Homme
Hankins, Dylan Tonton Julian
Hankins, Sarah Storyteller 2/Villager 4
Kuczma, Amanda Choir/Peasant
Leonard, Camilla Erzulie
Maldonado, Catherine Choir/Gossiper 4/Grand Homme
Marez, Bella Mama Euralie
Scofield, Tate Storyteller 4/Villager 5 & 7
Searcy, Laura Choir/Peasant
Telles, Melissa Choir/Peasant
Torres, Sasha Choir/Peasant
Verdin, Emily Choir/Grand Homme
Vinci, Analara Andrea
Vinci, Isabella Little Ti Moune/Little Girl
Weidman, Emma Choir/Peasant
Winschel, Alix Daniel’s Father/Grand Homme
Winschel, Kate                                       Choir/Peasant
Cuevo, Faith                                             

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