Thought I would just clarify some things for auditions.

Thursday: You may sing anything and don’t need a backup track unless you have one and really want to use it. I am not strict which what you choose to sing BUT I do highly recommend you sing something from a Broadway musical or even a Disney movie is ok. Of course the best is to sing something from Once on This Island. Once you have auditioned you may leave as long as I have seen that your parent is there to pick you up. If they are waiting outside for you they must come in and get you.
Here is what I am looking for in a good audition…

  • That you are on tune and can keep a beat.
  • Some emotion and feeling. Don’t just stand there. 
  • But don’t fidget either. 
  • Pick a song that you connect with and understand. Research the characters emotions during the song and let me see them!
  • Don’t pick a song that is too big for you. Try to find something that really shows off your voice. 

Every single person who has ever been cast as the lead in my shows just had something that made me immediately think of that character. It’s as if they knew who character was and performed it! It really does help to do some research and know who you are going for!

Friday:  The dance auditions will go to about 5pm but they could end sooner. You will learn the dance as a group and then audition in small groups for Mrs. Simone and I. You don’t need anything special.

You must be at both auditions or you will not be cast in the play. If you have a major conflict special arrangements can be made by speaking to Mrs. Simone or I. 


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