Mix ups happen

So a flyer was supposed to go home in the Blue Folders this past Monday announcing the parent meeting (today Feb 16) and auditions days (Feb 23 and 24). For some reason it only went home to 5th grade. Mr. Yniguez and I decided to keep the meeting as planned for 5th grade parents and have a student meeting today at lunch for veteran drama members and Jr. High students . I just finished meeting with the students. They have the cast contract and understand how the audition process works. Here is a recap of all that we went over.

  1. Please look over all the dates in the contract. If there is a conflict with any of the mandatory dates I need to know about it before you audition. Please do not audition if you have major conflicts with audition days or times. 
  2.  You must do both days of auditions. February 23 is the singing audition and February 24 is the dance audition.
  3. If you want to be considered for a solo part you must sing one song on your own. I suggest picking a Broadway song or even better, something from Once on This Island. YouTube it!
  4. If you feel uncomfortable singing on your own you may audition with a friend but please be aware that if you audition with someone else you won’t be considered for a solo part. 
  5. For the dance auditions on Friday, Mrs. Simone will teach the group a short dance. You will then audition in small groups. 
  6. I have not set the first rehearsal date. So stay tuned for that. 
  7. Cast list will go up Monday February 27 at Jr. High lunch. 
  8. All flyers, contracts and other information will be linked in the tabs at the top of the blog.
  9. Watch the calendar and read this blog often for all information and updates. 
  10. Please email me with any questions.

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