Update and Thoughts PLEASE RESPOND


There will be no rehearsal today. There are two options for tomorrow. 
If school is open (there is a possibility that it won’t be) we can  go ahead with our performance and have a day of rehearsal. Everyone come in around noon, rehearse, have lunch, rehearse and then get ready for the show. The children will be pulled from their classes and we may not have a preview. 
If school is not open we can still do the above option, call time being around noon. Or we can postpone the play until next weekend. My thoughts are that if the winds keep up like they say it will and there is more damage tomorrow we should probably postpone a week. I don’t want there to be low attendance. Everyone has worked so hard and the show is so wonderful I don’t want people to not come because of blocked streets and wind. 
Or course it does make it hard on all of us too. 
So, what are your thoughts? If school is closed tomorrow what would be the best option for you. I want your input because it involves all of us and effects all of us. 
Please respond here! 

6 thoughts on “Update and Thoughts PLEASE RESPOND

  1. engstki

    I suggest we go ahead with this week, we can send an email blast saying the “show must go on.” Having another week of 6pm rehearsals would be too much with homework, etc. it has been a tough week for us. In addition, the St. Rita's social is supposed to be on Friday and the 7th and 8th graders are really looking forward to attending the social. We also don't have school next Friday so there may be low attendance due to that as well.

  2. Anonymous

    I think we should rehearse tomorrow (whether school is in session or not) and the play should be performed this weekend. Postponing it a week could also cause low attemdance as people have made other plans—December is a very busy month!
    Elizabeht Bury

  3. Anonymous

    I am in agreemet that we should have it this weekend. In addition Taleen will not be available next weekend.
    Ban Angoorly


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