Cancelled Rehearsal and Notes

I am sorry for the late cancellation notice. I hope you all read the email. Here are the notes from yesterday. Please read them over and make sure you know what you need to work on!

  • Sunset and Stars KNOW YOUR CUES! We went over it yesterday and you need to be aware of what is going on. We can’t have you wondering on stage late or not at all. 
  • Sunset and Stars try not to look bored on stage. Also, don’t fidget. You have to stand strait. 
  • Aviator remember the airplane is my friend line is supposed to be ironic. Aviator knows that an inanimate object can’t be a persons friend but he has made his life so lonely that his only friend is his plane. 
  • Aviator make sure you drink out of your canteen carefully, tilt it back slowly with the purpose of saving your precious water. Then convey that you accidentally tilted too far and wasted some water. It should be upsetting to you because it is a matter of life and death. 
  • Prince and Baobabs must work together to create a fluid motion when the Prince pushes them off stage. The action shouldn’t be anticipated or delayed. 
  • Rose, great thorn prick. It was very natural. 
  • Rose and Baobabs must stay frozen and still for two separate parts. You have to maintain the illusion.
  • Stars please make sure you know exactly when you do or don’t pick up Prince for the flying scene. There are certain lines he says before you pick him up and ones he says as he is flying. 
  • Conceited Man slow down your entrance just a bit. You should not be so vibrant at first. I think, once you see Prince you suddenly perk up at the thought of being admired by someone, finally!
  • Prince and Aviator you need to make sure the joking line about the conceited man and how he is drawn is fast paced and chummy. 
  • Business Man your entrance should be fairly fast. Your are rapidly calculating in your head, afraid you will loose your spot or forget your numbers. 
  • Lamp Lighter your lines should be rhythmical and kept to a certain pace. Much like a clock. 
  • Prince make sure you copy how the Geographer says his name. It makes the scene funny when both you and Aviator imitate him. 
  • Geographer work on making your lines clear. Your accent is great and a ton of fun to listen to but sometime you mumble because of it. Practice pronouncing each word very clearly. 
  • Snake excellent job. Very convincing, keep it up 🙂
  • Big shout out to Victoria for knowing her sun cues!!!!
  • Prince you blew me away with your crying scene. The build up was absolutely perfect. You started slow and let the emotion take you away to a great climax. EXCELLENT
  • Prince you need to enter stage right at the beginning of Act 2
  • Eco’s please know your timing. An eco has a rythm that should carry through the entire lines. If the first eco forgets you should still say your line on time because it is a simple beat. DAH DAH DAH DAH 
  • Trees make sure you are aware of where you stand for Fox scene
  • Trees don’t hold your arms strait out. Hold them at different angles to make unique tree shapes. 
  • Alex I need to see more fox like behavior. While you have the characteristics of a human you still are an animal at heart, at least at first. There should be more transformation from wild to tame. 
  • Prince and Fox you both need to be frustrated and sad at the initial failures and attempts during the taming process. Fox is frustrated at his inability to easily shed his animal instincts and prince because he does not yet understand the taming process. 
  • Once Fox has been tamed their should be jubilation from Fox and an inkling of understanding from Prince. 
  • Prince when you see Wall of Roses for the second time you stop and really look at them. You must study them and see them for their true nature. They are not the same as your Rose. Once you have that understanding it all comes together for you and you are able to return home. Along the way you run into Aviator and pass along the lesson. 
  • Aviator please make your fall in the desert less traumatic. It should be more of a stumble than a hard fall. 
  • If anyone messes up you cannot react. It must be covered up. Don’t break character.
Thats all folks! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Remember Monday is an extra long rehearsal!!!!!

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