Hello everyone!

The countdown is ON! Whoooo hoooo can you feel the excitement?! I can. My fingers are typing lickety-split in an effort to get everything done. I thought I would share my to do list with you all in an attempt to keep you updated on all the things that must be done for our production to shine!!!!

But, first some important business. I wanted to give a very gentle reminder of what is expected from each performer. In no particular order, mainly because each is equally important!

  1. Blocking: please please please remember your blocking. Practice it when you get home as you memorize your lines. Physically run through everything we do. It really is bad to come into rehearsal and not remember where you enter from or when you cross the stage. You must know what you are doing!
  2. Line memorization: You really can’t get the feel of your character until you are off book. If you rehearse with a script in your hand all you are doing is reading a story. What you need to do is BE your character and that can only truly be achieved once you are off book. I set an off book date on the calendar. I expect this to be met. Your cast mates expect it to be met. 
  3. Call Times: All call times are set and cannot be changed. If you are late and by late I mean more than 5-10 minutes you will not go on stage. In the past I have been a little relaxed about this. Unfortunately I have noticed that cast members have abused call times. Our plays have been starting late and cast members have been made nervous because of missing people. This cannot go on. Respect your cast and their dedication. Be on time or you will not perform.

Ok, here is my To Do List:

  • Make sure we will have proper lighting for the stage
  • Rent a scrim
  • Purchase Sand Dune fabric
  • Make the Stars
  • Make the Sunset
  • Make Rose’s costume
  • Make Little Prince’s costume
  • Make Aviator’s costume
  • Decide how best to get Fox, King, Businessman, Lamplighter, Snake, Wall of Roses, Dessert Rose, Conceited Man, and Geographer costumed. (eeeek did I forget anyone?)
  • Write a costume blog about Ensemble’s costumes
  • Make sure we will have proper lighting for the stage
  • Find someone who will be our backstage illustrator.
  • Obtain an overhead projector
  • Rent sound
  • Work with Mr. W on building our set
  • Check, double check, heck why not triple check the calendar
  • “Um REHEARSALS hello!”
  • MAKE SURE WE WILL HAVE PROPER LIGHTING FOR THE STAGE. “Will this work? Can this work? YES it can, silly!”  I’m just being overly dramatic as is fitting for Drama Club. 


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