Thank you for auditioning. You are all so wonderfully talented. This was an incredibly difficult play to cast. Don’t forget our first practice is tomorrow from 3-5pm in the Music room. If you did not receive a script today you will get one some time next week. More people auditioned than I anticipated and I have to order more scripts. 
Aaron Baker                                        Aviator
Adrian Ballard                                     Little Prince
Alix Winschel                                       Fox
Anais Chavez                                      Ensemble (Stars and Sand Dunes)
Araceli Seager                                    Wall of Roses
Audrey Ciampa                                   Ensemble (Sunset and Sand Dunes)
Caitlin Bury                                          Wall of Roses/Ensemble (Sunset)
Camilla Leonard                                 Conceited Man
Catherine Maldonado                         Ensemble (Baobabs and Stars)
Claire Engstrom                                  Business Man/Desert Flower
Claire Ganguin                                    Ensemble (Sunset and Sand Dunes)           
Claudia Garcia                                    Lamplighter
Dylan Hankins                                     Geographer
Elayna Goepel                                     Rose
Ella Blain                                              Ensemble (Baobabs and Stars)
Gracie Galindo                                    Ensemble (Sunset and Sand Dunes)
Jenna Gilb                                            Wall of Roses/Ensemble (Sunset)
Laura Searcy                                       Wall of Roses            
Melanie Coral                                      Wall of Roses
Sarah Hankins                                     Snake
Sasha Torres                                       Wall of Roses/Ensemble (Sunset)
Sophie Dakan                                      Ensemble (Baobab and Sunset)
Taleen Angoorly                                   Wall of Roses
Tate Scofield                                        King
Victoria Covarrubias                           Ensemble (Baobab and Sunset)

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