Congratulations Crew!

Wow! I am impressed by the eager group of students that have asked to be on crew this year. Usually I get one or two people who sign up late. This year is not the case at all. I had so many people ask for crew contracts I had to immediately limit it to the first three people to turn in their signed contract.

Well you took me seriously! Less than 24 hours later I have 5 signed contracts in hand. I don’t want to disappoint so we will find space for those five but I am sorry to say that if you have not turned in your contract I cannot let you on crew. I am at my limit. Thank you for understanding and for your interest!

The Little Prince Crew

  1. Conor McGrory
  2. Raphael Navarro
  3. Betsy Holmes
  4. Chris Latiolait
  5. Harrison Kelley

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