Serving Trays and "Food"

For the “Your Majesties” scene we need to make serving trays. We will have a tray making day this Friday (May 27). If you have cardboard that we can cut into serving tray size circles please bring it on on Friday. I will supply the foil and handles to make the trays.

You also need to bring your “food” item to go on the tray. Please remember this should not be real food. It is more of an interpretation of your item. Certain things are fine like the marshmallow girls should probably use real marshmallows that we can glue into pyramids on your trays.  Other foods such as the meat, cheese and desserts can be fake play food or a box that creatively says what it is. It needs to look nice but it doesn’t have to look real.

Don’t forget to bring it all in on Friday!


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