Girls Hairstyles

Ok here are some pictures of hairstyles. If you want curly hair I really suggest putting it in sponge rollers the night before. The curling irons will really just be used for touch ups. It takes too long to curl hair backstage. Hair should be off the face. Braid it, twist it , put it in a bun. Really, just have fun!

Two french braids with a bun

Another example of a braid. The messy bun will not work.

Twisted on the sides and left curly

A headband braid. I actually do this on my own hair quite often. 

Loose curls are great just as long as they are pulled off  of the face. 

If you really want to have fun you can do some version of Renaissance/Italian hair taping. Here is a YouTube video and you can find many more versions! Renaissance Hair Taping

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