Cinderella Cast Party

Come celebrate all our hard work!!!!

The information was sent out via email but in case you missed it I have copied the email below.

This year’s cast party will at the Altadena Swim Club on Sunday, June 5 from 4 to 7 p.m.(right after the musical).  The cost is $20/per person, which includes a hot dog/hamburger dinner and lots of swimming (lifeguard is included). Please send a check rather than cash. You may leave the payment with Ms. Natalie – just make sure your name is on it so I can mark you off. Also, please indicate if you would like a hot dog or hamburger. Also, please let us know if your child cannot swim.

Of course, parents are welcome, but will need to pay, regardless of whether you eat or not. You are also free to drop off your cast member.

Please send in your payment by Friday, May 14. The Club will need to have a headcount by then.

Thank you!

Gilien Silsby (Elayna Goepel’s mom)


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