Please excuse my mess….

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  : /

I am so sorry wonderful drama club parents and students. I do not mean to confuse the heck out of you. Just a little explanation.

  1. First I didn’t find out about being able to attend Fiddler until this morning. Sorry I know, so last minute!
  2. Then in my excitement I accidentally posted the Fiddler information on today’s date in the calendar instead of next Thursday.
  3. When the mistake was realized I tried to change it back but everything had been deleted and I couldn’t remember who was called.
  4. Then I confused you all with a vague email. EEEEEEEEK 
  5. Rehearsal today, March 31st is NOT all cast. It is a soloist rehearsal. 

So thank you for bearing with me. Hopefully all is fixed and there is no more confusion. If you are still confused I apologize 100 times. I also suggest a Starbucks! It always makes me feel better. Teehee hee


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