G2K Cinderella Cast List

This was a very difficult play to cast. Everyone did such a great job and sadly there aren’t enough parts for such a big cast. No matter what part you received I hope you have fun!
Sofie Granadino      Cinderella
Bianca Duenas        Her Godmother
Olivia Amestoy         Her Stepmother
Claire Engstrom       Portia
Sarah Hankins         Joy
Aaron Baker             The Prince               
Will Dalgarn              The Herald
Amy Fuhr                   The Queen
Dylan Hankins           The King
Adrian Ballard           The Chef/Townsperson
Julia Martin                The Coachman/Townsperson
Bella Marez               The Footman/Townsperson
Four White Horses/Townspeople
Elizabeth Nail
Tate Scofield
Amanda Kuczma
Anais Chavez
Townspeople/Guests at the ball.
Caroline Andre
Taleen Angoorly
Caitlin Bury
Sophie Dakan
Audrey Ciampa
Bianca Domenghini
Gracie Galindo
Jenna Gilb
Paulina Gonzalez
Madie Gray
Ayanna Melin
Julia Nail
Laura Searcy
Mia Stone
Kate Winschel
Townspeople/Ballroom Dancers:
Sophie Anderson
Natalie Burnham
Victoria Covarrubias
Laura DiPietro
Meg Diehl
Claire Furlong
Claire Ganguin
Claudia Garcia
Elena Goebel
Emily Verdin
Analara Vinci
Adrian Ballard
Brendan Bury
Sean Crump

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