All the shortened rehearsals are officially over. That means we are getting into major blocking and staging of the show!!!!! It is always so exciting to block your scenes. Please keep in mind these tips and deadlines for the next few weeks. It is going to fly by!

You should have a script and a pencil at EVERY rehearsal. You need to write down notes and blocking to help you remember the work we do each day.

Before each rehearsal check the calendar to see the page numbers we will be working on. Look over your part so you are aware of what is expected of you that day.

After each rehearsal start memorizing your lines from that day.

Don’t ignore your script over the weekends.

Lines must be memorized by November 19th. This is an all cast rehearsal and we will run the show.

Please look at the calendar. Changes have been made for some rehearsals in November.


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