Anne Cast List

You all did a wonderful job at the auditions! Thank you to everyone!!!!

Characters (In Order of Appearance)

Anne Shirley- Laura Di Pietro
Matthew Cuthbert- Aaron Baker
Marilla Cuthbert- Claudia Garcia
Rachel Lynde- Amy Fuhr
Prissy Andrews- Anais Chavez
Diana Barry- Elayna Goepel
Mrs. Barry- Sarah Hankins
Minnie May Barry- Gracie Galindo
Josie Pie- Bella Marez
Ruby Gillis- Sofie Granadino
Moody MacPherson- Mixtli Velasquez
Jane Andrews- Laura Searcy
Gilbert Blythe- Adrian Ballard
Aunt Josephine Barry- Bianca Duenas
Little Girls- Paulina Alonso, Amanda Kuczma, Bianca Domengini, Caitlin Lee

Dylan Hankins- Station Master, Mr. Phillips, Jerry Buote, Rev. Allan
Audrey Ciampa- Mrs. Blewett, Tillie Boulter, Miss Susan Stacy, Carry Sloane
Jenna Gilb- Reverend Bentley, Jimmy Glover, President of Queen’s Academy
Claire Engstrom- Miss Rogerson, Bessie Wright, Mary Jo, Mrs. Allan
Claire Ganguin- Charlie Slone, Mr. Saddler

Please come pick up your scrips from the Library. Your first rehearsal is Tuesday October 12th 3:15-5:00pm


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