Other Characters

Miss Stacy: Anne’s favorite teacher. She is a role model and mentor for Anne. She encourages her to go to college.

Mrs. Barry: Diana’s mother who is severe and unforgiving. She expects her children to follow very strict rules.

Aunt Josephine: Diana’s old aunt. She is very rich and lives in a mansion in the town of Charlotteville. Anne quickly wins Aunt Josephine over with her vivacious nature and charm.

Minnie May: Diana’s younger sister. She is important because she is the reason Mrs. Barry is able to trust Anne again. Minnie’s brush with death bring Anne and Diana back together.

Mr. Phillips: Avonlea schoolmaster who tends to neglect the learning of all his students except one. Mr. Phillips devotes all his attention to the oldest student.

Prissy Andrews: A classmate of Anne’s. Prissy is seventeen when Anne first comes to Avonlea and is considered grown up enough to court the teacher Mr. Phillips.

Ruby Gillis: Another classmate of Anne’s. She is flirty and tends to care more about looks and boys than her education.

Josie Pye: Another of Anne’s classmates. She is not easy to get along with. Anne tries to have good feelings toward Josie but doesn’t always succeed.

Jane Andrews: Yet another classmate. She is plain and sensible.

Charlie Slone: Charlie is another classmate. He has a crush on Anne. He is one of the first people to recognize her charms.

Moody Spurgeon MacPherson: Another classmate. Sometimes he is made fun of for being lazy and a bit dimwitted.

Mrs. Allan: She is the wife of the new minister. She is kind and sweet as well as young and beautiful.


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