Character Description of Anne Shirley

Anne is an orphan with a very lonely past.  Because of her past Anne is a dreamer who longs for beauty, imagination and goodness. Most likely this is what motivates her behavior. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert adopt an orphan expecting a boy. They end up with Anne. Marilla is at first unsure of Anne and her behavior. Yet, it doesn’t take long for Anne to work her way into Marilla’s heart. Matthew immediately takes to Anne and recognizes her good qualities. Anne is passionate and often unable to control her emotions. Her best friends are Kindred Spirits and loved deeply. Her quick temper does not allow her to forgive easily when wronged. While Anne is always daydreaming and creating an alternate world of imagination she does grow to appreciate the world for what it is. She eventually forgives and is always willing to correct her mistakes.

To sum it up:

  • The protagonist of the novel
  • An orphan who is adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert and grows up on their farm, Green Gables
  • She makes social blunders but tries to learn the rules of conduct, religion and morality that other children have grown up learning
  • Often Anne’s personal beliefs get in the way of her acting the way others believe she should act. 
Most importantly, Anne is stubborn, passionate, loyal and intelligent. She loves beauty and fantasy and wants to be a good person. 

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